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Lantian - 2 in 1 LED And 5V Active Buzzer



Item Name: Lantian LED onboard 5V active buzzer
Working voltage: 5V (4~7V)
Dimension: 49 x 15mm
Weight: 3g
Mounting hole pitch: 30.5mm
Mounting hole diameter: 3mm


Onboard 8 pcs 5050 RGB Full Color high brightness WS2822B LED
When used Naze32, WS2812B LED can show the flight control lock / unlock, about ailerons, brakes, throttle, alarm and other status
Onboard 5V active buzzer, after connecting flight control, you can use a remote control switch to trigger it easier to find the plane

Package Included:

1 x Lantian LED onboard 5V active buzzer
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